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The Treasure Chest from Signing Smart

Product Review

Signing and singing simple, familiar, everyday nursery rhymes and songs, in a relaxed, cosy environment with other small children. It's a simple but winning formula. Parents may think that these videos are not a highly polished professional affair, but young kids love it, and can watch it for ages.

The sign language vocabulary learned in these videos is appropriate and useful for small kids, and is professional. Simple signs are chosen for each song, and are shown simply, clearly and cheerfully. Although the signs follow the English word order of the well-known nursery rhymes, a few ASL concepts (such as role shifting and classifiers) are thrown in where possible. Thus, children watching these videos will subconciously soak up some grammar ideas of the full, complex language that is American Sign Language. This is great, because children are masters at subconciously picking up true language when they are exposed to.

The main section of the DVD features children and a Mommy signing and signing and playing with toys that reflect the nursery rhymes. Less signs are shown in this section, leaving more room to see the cute kids that your kids will love to watch. The 'Signed Songs Library' is a simple and very clear demonstration of the signs for each song. Pleasant, homely-sounding guitar playing and signing accompany each song in each section.

Nursery rhymes have been enjoyed by children for centuries. If you want to animate a group of young children by signing familiar nursery rhymes with them, then this video is perfect for your needs. Just copy what the video shows you. This video is also effective at holding the attention of young kids at home and teaching them sign language for the songs that they already know. For those of you who have always wanted to know how to sign familiar nursery rhymes, this is your video.

Note: This review refers to the Volume 2 DVD.



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 Happy, bright kids are using sign language

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