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Make Your Own Snakes & Ladders Words Game
Make Your Own Snakes & Ladders Words Game

Have the kids play Snakes & Ladders to practise reading and recognizing their spelling sight words.

Just enter the list of words to appear in the game, one per line, then press MAKE GAME. A window will appear with the Snakes & Ladders Words game for you to print.

This game is great for practising reading words. Each word can appear several times, and each child will get practise in becoming familiar with the words as she plays and has to read the words herself and as she listens to the other players reading the words.

We've entered some words for you to get you started, but you can enter your own.

  Enter the words to appear in your own snakes & ladders words game, one word per line :

When you press the MAKE GAME button, your Snakes & Ladders Words game will appear in a PDF file and you can print it out by pressing the printer icon. Most computers are able to display and print such a PDF file because they have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If your computer does not, then you can get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from here.


Each player takes their turn which involves throwing a dice and advancing the number of squares shown on the dice. If the player can read the word of the square that they land on, then they can advance one more square. If the player lands on the bottom of a ladder, then successfully reading the word allows them to advance up the ladder. If the player lands on the top of a snake, then the player must successfully read the word, otherwise they must slide down the ladder. The first player to reach the top end wins.

...parenting tip of the moment

Once your child is asleep, however, if you're not careful transferring him out of your arms, you'll wake him up. Then you have to start your act all over again. Many is the time I've patted my son to sleep on my chest, and then, too scared to wake him, I elect to just lie there. Whatever I had planned to do I forgo and prostrate myself with a small human being clinging to my neck, doing my best to remain perfectly inert... Not that lying with a sleeping baby on your chest is the worst thing in the world, either. In fact, it's one of the sweetest pleasures I've ever tasted. An entire person curled up between your collar bone and stomach, covering and warming your heart, all the while breathing little bursts of perfect air onto your neck. It's not hard to imagine why moms love the sensation of breast-feeding. For dads, breast-napping is about as close as we get.

quoted from "Babyhood"
by Paul Reiser of television's "Mad About You", pages 154-155

Small children should be supervised by a caregiver when at a computer, to ensure no accidents occur that could hurt the child and that no equipment gets broken.
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