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Make Your Own Bingo Words Game
Make Your Own Bingo Words Game

What a fun way for school kids to learn their sight words. Bingo words is fun to play whilst kids learn to read the words they need to recognise by sight.

Just enter the list of words to appear in the bingo game, one per line. Then press MAKE BINGO. A window will appear with the components of your bingo game. Print the window and cut out the components.

The bingo game consists of a list of words, followed by the game cards that contain those words. Cut out each individual word from the list of words and place them all face down on the table. The bingo caller will pick them up one by one and say the word. Cut out the game cards and give one to each player. You can read through each word on each player's card so that they become familiar with those words (which is the point of playing this game as far as you are concerned, whereas your children are playing for fun!) For each word picked up by the bingo caller, the players will look at their game cards to see if they have that word on their card. When they do, the player marks that spot on their card. The first player to have all the words marked on their game card will call out 'BINGO!' and wins the game.

We've entered some words for you to get you started, but you can enter your own.

  Enter the words to appear in your own bingo game,
one word per line :
Number of bingo games to print  : 
Columns per game  : 
Rows per game  : 

Are you a school teacher? Then enter your spelling word list for the week each week, print out 30 bingo cards, and have a fun bingo game in class.

Are you a parent or caregiver? Then let us share some of the words that we have been practising at home playing fun bingo games that actually reinforce spelling words : my, brother, sister, is, silly, has, a, funny, face, big, ears. Actually, just deciding which words to put into the personalized bingo game and typing those words in is a good spelling exercise.

You can also make bingo games in order to practise numbers. For example, if your child is having trouble counting up from a thousand and needs practise telling the difference between hundreds and thousands, then here are some numbers you could put in a bingo game : 704, 7004, 740, 7040, 7400, 7440, 7444, 512, 5012, 5120, 845, 854, 458, 485, 548, 584, 504, 508, 844, 488.

...parenting tip of the moment

To fully appreciate what having a baby does to your life, you need to really grasp the concept of Baby Time...Things that used to take five minutes now take an hour. When you add a baby to any activity, even something as simple as Walking Out the Door, you must allow yourself one solid hour more than you used to. There's the packing, the changing, the planning for any one of seven hundred scenarios that could develop, and the going back for things you'd need for any of the two dozen other scenarios your spouse decided could happen because she heard of them happening to someone her friend knows...Feel free to lose entirely from your vocabulary the phrase, "We'll be there in twenty minutes."...You will never again be anywhere in twenty minutes. Ever.

quoted from "Babyhood"
by Paul Reiser of television's "Mad About You", pages 167-168

Small children should be supervised by a caregiver when at a computer, to ensure no accidents occur that could hurt the child and that no equipment gets broken.
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