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Security is completely safe and secure.

It contains no viruses, spyware, adware or pop-up windows. A pop-up window is a window that appears even though you didn't click on anything.

At the current time, does not even use cookies, except if you login to the sign language partner program. (If you are a logged in partner, then the only cookie used is your session id to make sure that no-one else can log in as you, and the cookie is there only for the duration of the login session.)

You can confirm these things by choosing "View Source" in your browser, and by going to your browser's "Temporary Internet Files" by clicking IE's "Tools, Internet Options, Settings, View Files" to see the "common.js" from and to see that there are no cookies from our website.

If you are unfamiliar with HTML and Javascript (as are most people who are not webmasters), then you can ask a trusted, knowledgable friend to verify these things. uses what is considered to be the safest webserver in the world.

The actual games and e-cards at use Macromedia Flash. This technology is designed to be the safest technology on the internet and is designed to be impossible for anyone to create viruses in it.

Some people's computers are already infected with adware that can cause pop-up windows to occur at any time, whether they have gone to a web page with games on it from Yahoo, MSN, Google or Such adware was not put there by these websites and has nothing to do with these websites, as can be confirmed by following the above steps when visiting these websites.

If you have a problem when viewing a given website, but other people with the same browser, same anti-virus software and same pop-up-blocker do not have that problem when visiting the same website, this would suggest that your computer is infected with adware or a virus and that there is no problem with the particular website. You will probably want to remove those viruses and adware, which is not always easy. In the meantime, try visiting websites with a different browser. For instance, if you usually use Windows Internet Explorer, then try using the free Mozilla Firefox browser instead. It can be downloaded and installed from It is widely reported that there are many more viruses that only work in Internet Explorer than in other browsers. A browser is the computer program that you use to view the internet and websites. The website can be viewed using any browser, and our games can be played using any browser that has the Macromedia Flash player installed in it, including Windows, Macintosh and even Linux.

Unlike fly-by-night websites or those that illegally offer other people's copyrighted entertainment products for free, is a long-term website whose mandate is incompatible with any deliberate viruses. As you can see, our revenue is made whenever you click through to Amazon from our website and buy something there. Some revenue is also generated for our website via 'Ads by Google'. Seeing as does not contain any customer financial information, our website is not an interesting target for 3rd-party hackers.

Thus, you can rest assured that it is completely safe to visit and to enjoy the games and products on our website. We offer the above explanations to support this statement in a detailed, transparent manner. We apologize that the explanations are so technical, but such detailed, transparent explanations are necessarily of a technical nature.

In order to enjoy the games on our website, you will need the Macromedia Flash player. Macromedia is a very well respected company and the Macromedia Flash player is a very well respected product. According to Macromedia, its Flash player is already on 97% of the world's desktop and home computers. You probably already have the Flash player on your computer and can start enjoying our games immediately. In case you don't, then clicking on one of our games will prompt you to download and install the Flash player from Macromedia. Another way to obtain the Macromedia Flash player is to go to the Macromedia website where you can download and install the Flash player. That's all you need to enjoy our website. Actually, you also need a browser. If you're reading this, then you obviously already have that. recommends that you do not click to download or install any other products. They are not necessary to enjoy our website and have nothing to do with our website. The only download or install that can possibly be generated from our website is for the Macromedia Flash player, in the case that your computer and browser is one of the 3% that doesn't already have it.

Have fun enjoying!

For any comments or questions, please contact us at:

...parenting tip of the moment

The key parenting skill you need to develop when entertaining your new child is the ability to Distract. If they get bored, or scared, or cry for any reason,...misdirect their simple little minds elsewhere. For starters, show them something. Anything.

"Look, a fuzzy tiger."

They will most likely stop crying and evaluate this new information.

"Hmmm, a tiger, I hadn't realized that..."

"Yes, a tiger...look...see the tiger?..."

"Well, (sniffle) my stomach was hurting..."

"I know, I know..."

"But... a tiger, you say..."

"Yes, a tiger. Right here. Here is a tiger..."

It doesn't even have to be as interesting as a tiger. Any physical item that is currently on the planet and within reach will do.

"Look, the cap to Daddy's water bottle...see...plastic...and white...isn't that something? And here are some keys."

They're willing to seriously consider whatever you have to offer.

quoted from "Babyhood"
by Paul Reiser of television's "Mad About You", pages 170-171

Small children should be supervised by a caregiver when at a computer, to ensure no accidents occur that could hurt the child and that no equipment gets broken.
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