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Our free e-cards have no advertising or pop-up windows in them.

Have fun!

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...testimonials about KiddiesGames

“This is great. Quintin loved playing the face game and pointing to his own features. He also loves to hear the children's voices in all of the games. He has been asking me to play it constantly. I loved all of the color. Thanks.”

Lisa, Mother of Quintin, 2 years old

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I received this item as a gift for my son on his 2nd birthday. I had no idea it would go over so well. By playing with this toy, my son had learned his alphabet in 2 short months. Now that I have a 15 month old, he plays with it just as much as my oldest did. This toy is an essential learning tool for toddlers of all ages. The fact that all pieces are magnetic makes it easy to keep them all on the fridge door (as long as you make sure they're replaced after the kids play with them!), and they've been in my kitchen for a year. Both kids still play with them on a daily basis and still love them. I highly recommend this product if you're looking for something reasonably priced and educational.
Review by Michele of
If there is one series of toys that my son uses on a daily basis it's Mega Blocks. He plays with them all the time and never gets bored! The Blocks and Tiny 'n Tuff Vehicles are easy to put together and just the right size for toddler hands. It's amazing to watch him developing his motor skills while expressing his imagination with Mega Bloks.
Review by Melissa Boyd of,
Mother of Ian, age 23 months
...parenting tip of the moment


Through these African communities, I gained an understanding of the crucial developmental factors necessary for the elaboration of full learning potential. Having observed and been privileged to share their life, I offer this summary as my idea of a "First World" plan to support learning and brain development:

A. A rich sensory environment full of sound, touch, smell and visual stimuli.

B. Lots of movement and the ability to freely explore one's own body in space.

C. Security and basic needs gratification that fosters full exploration of the physical environment.

D. Parents or other adults available as listeners, consultants and interactive participants in each child's growth.

E. Plenty of time and practice for pattern recognition - of sensory-motor patterns, language patterns, rhythm and music patterns and human relationship patterns.

F. The establishment of responsibilities, boundaries, and respect for self and others.

G. Encouragement of imagination, art, music, communication and interactive play.

quoted from "Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head" by Carla Hannaford, page 209

Small children should be supervised by a caregiver when at a computer, to ensure no accidents occur that could hurt the child and that no equipment gets broken.
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