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Books, Music, Videos page heading offers lovely, fun, free online children’s games for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

This website will be supported by sales commission made at We feature books, videos and music for children or for adults looking after children, that are available at

Books About Raising Children
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Learning sign language with your hearing infant is becoming more and more popular, because it allows you to communicate with your child before she is verbal, is proven to jumpstart verbal communication and increase intelligence, and it’s fun! One of the latest offerings of signing videos for infants and preschoolers are the Signing Time videos (or DVDs). As with other signing videos for infants, we see lots of happy children doing fun everyday things, which is the proven recipe for engaging small children in educational videos.

What sets these videos apart is the intimacy of getting to know the two main children in these videos - Leah who is deaf, and her younger cousin Alex, as well as Leah’s mother Rachel. It is charming and engaging how these children, including Leah, narrate in a fun way the activities of these videos, both verbally and in sign. We see a few naturally smiling children with special disability challenges, including the adorable younger sister of Leah. Lots of toddlers demonstrating the signs are featured. Our kids love pointing out that the toddlers on the screen are doing the signs wrong. How do they know that? Leah’s mother Rachel always shows the correct way.

The other distinguishing feature of these signing videos is the music. These songs become that staple of early childhood activities - “action songs”. Children (and adults too) have a knack for learning things and enjoying the learning when it is set to music. A separate music CD of the top notch songs in the 3 videos is also available.

The content is warm, engaging and fun. It’s the next best thing to you standing up there singing and signing and playing with your children.

Some of the books below for adults about raising infants have been used as reference material in developing appropriately fun and educational games for this website. You may see references from the useful and wise contents of these books on this website under “more information” for each game and in the “parenting tip of the day” at the bottom of each page.

Beautiful children’s books featured here provided inspiration for game creation too. Our intent is for you to share these online games with your child the same way you share a good picture book with them.

Music provides stimulation and development in ways that research continues to uncover. That music provides enjoyment has been known for centuries. You will find music products featured here too, as well as videos.

So while perusing the books, videos and music featured below, do go ahead and purchase anything you see here if it interests you, by clicking directly on it and purchasing it. Or by purchasing other products at after arriving there from the web-site.

We hope you enjoy perusing the products below!
Featured Amazon products
Jan Ormerod is a favorite children’s book illustrator, and “Sunshine” and “Moonlight” are her most famous books, still in print after decades.

These two books are beautiful, wordless watercolor drawings of a young girl’s activities in the morning and in the evening in her family home. Jan Ormerod intimately captures actions and ambience. The young girl responsably doing her morning tasks, bouncing into her parent’s bed to wake them up, playing in the bath in the evening and getting a bit carried away so that the shower cap gets soaked, preparing her dolly and teddy for bed like a good parent... This masterful illustrator and observer of children captures those priceless childhood moments that occur a thousand times a day.

Children delight in recognizing themselves in these captured routines. Parents delight in being reminded of the many rich moments that make up the fabric of our family lives.

In an interview 30 years ago when these books were first printed, Jan Ormerod explained how her own young daughter and own family were the inspiration for these gently realistic and perceptive illustrations. The format of the drawings is interesting in itself - a wordless cartoon layout that varies on each page, of drawings in a delicate and quietly humorous style. However, the reason that these two books have become timeless classics is because they are not only a wonderful snapshot of Jan’s young family. We recognize our own children and ourselves in these stories, capturing in a conscious way all those precious moments that our subconcious did register and only needed these wonderful books to bring to the forefront.


Books About Raising Children

Children’s Books in English

Children’s Books in Spanish

Children’s Books in French

Children’s Music

Children’s Videos

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