Jacket Inserts. Zip-in jacket inserts for maternity and baby-carrying use.
Transform your regular jackets into maternity wear. 

Provide to your baby in a front carrier the same level of 
warmth and waterproofness 
that you normally get from your outdoor jackets.
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Technical jacket inserts can make a big difference in the lives of outdoor-minded pregnant women and parents of young babies but you won’t see them in the stores anytime soon. Manufacturers of outdoor clothes are not interested in low-volume items and manufacturers of maternity clothes are not interested in technical outerwear.

The principle of this unique concept is quite simple. A zipper and, when appropriate, storm flaps matching those of the jacket are sewn on either side of a paneled unit made of the same material as the jacket and shaped to provide the additional volume where it is needed.

Fleece jacket inserts are extremely easy to sew even if you barely know how to use a sewing machine. Storm flaps and seam-sealing make waterproof-breathable inserts a somewhat more involved project but the detailed instructions are written with the novice in mind.

Give yourself the freedom and peace of mind to get out and about with your baby knowing that you will both enjoy optimum protection
The following free instructions and patterns for this unique home-sewing project were developed by myself on and off between 2000 and 2004 with the help of various people (special thanks to my wife, Jennifer). The inserts I made for friends and family during this period were found to work well in Canadian and Scottish fall and winter conditions and our babies always stayed warm and dry. I am also grateful to Kiddies Games for providing this free web space.

Stéphane Dupont, Ph.D.

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Do not hesitate to contact me if you need clarifications or additional instructions, or just to send me your comments or pictures of your inserts (picture files not too large, please)

Please note that this is strictly a non-commercial exercise. If you feel that the concept is worthwhile, why not help spread the word by downloading the one-page advertisement and posting it at outdoor gear, maternity, baby and/or fabric stores, community centres, etc.?

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Jacket Inserts - Zip-in jacket inserts for maternity and baby-carrying use    Jacket Inserts - Zip-in jacket inserts for maternity and baby-carrying use

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