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Sign Language Software
Early communication, increased IQ, reduced tantrums, fun...
...sign language for hearing children!
  • Accelerated verbal speech development for toddlers.
  • Higher intelligence scores for children.
  • Superior reading and writing literacy skills for school kids.
  • The joy of communication with babies, who are happier and have less tantrums.
Signing At The Park
a sign language software for children

US$3 for 1 week
with Mianna

or with





These are the benefits that recent research has uncovered, spurring the growing popularity of using sign language with hearing children.

It's the latest development in parenting, and early childhood experts are encouraging parents to try it out with their babies and young children.

Our fun software is designed for hearing babies and small children - to teach and practise sign language while playing fun computer games, singing songs and watching cute cartoon stories that a child can identify with.

We recommend watching and playing 10 minutes a day. The software contains 6 scenes, each with new vocabulary. We recommend watching and playing one scene a day with your child. If you play all the scenes and games at once, then this software runs for over half an hour.

For just US$3, you can rent this fun, educational download software for 1 week, sort of like renting a movie. It is 13.7MB, so it will take longer to download the first time. Every time after that, it will open much more quickly, because it will be already downloaded.

Or click here for demo
Or click here for demo
Or click here for demo

Put your child on your lap and play with this software together. You will both learn useful sign language words that you can use with each other in your daily activities.

Signing with young children is a cherished, sharing and communicating activity for children and parents, that has significant future academic benefits for the child. We think that one day soon, signing with young children will become as common as reading bedtime stories!

Payment method is PayPal, which means that you can pay with a credit card.

After you make your payment, you will receive a download link by email to your email address. You will be able to enjoy this software for one week starting from when you first start to download it.

Signing At The Park
a sign language software for children

US$3 for 1 week
with Mianna

or with





go to ASL University
go to ASL University

The sign language used in this software is true American Sign Language (ASL), and has been verified by the ASL expert and instructor Dr Bill Vicars of ASL University.

Want to get more serious about learning sign language but can't get to an ASL class? You can follow ASL University's college level courses for free at!

What people are saying about "Signing At The Park"

Lauri VanHeyst is a trained ASL/English interpreter and a linguistics student, and has been working with hearing and deaf children. She is delighted to discover our software...

"I was so happy to see that this was truly ASL. My son was fascinated by the scene's colours and characters. My daughter was able to play it on her own and loved it. ! She knows the vocabulary, and was overjoyed to use it in this fun way. It actually taught my husband some new signs too! It's so hard to find good ASL stuff out there, and so this is just great. I love how it can also be adapted for Deaf and hard of Hearing children. It's perfect for everyone."

Lauri VanHeyst
Sign & Say
Learn some ASL vocabulary to communicate with your baby before they're able to talk
Baby Sign Language Classes in Winnipeg

Lauri VanHeyst and her signing kids
Tracie Dowell of

Tracie Dowell, whose parents are deaf, grew up using sign language. Now she's teaching hearing mothers to use sign with their hearing children. She loves our software...

"This software is a fantastic approach to introduce toddlers into the world of American Sign Language (ASL). Not only is it colorful and amusing to watch and play with, it also is a very accurate ASL teaching aide. This software is a great way to interact with ASL on a new level. My daughter has played with it and LOVES it!"

Tracie Dowell
sign language classes for Mommies and children in North County Maryland,
to bridge the communication gap between you & your child

"This software is fun for kids and grown-ups. The characters are very sweet and endearing. Even the voices are cute! Most importantly it makes learning fun! I was disappointed when it was finished. Very cool! I will be recommending this!"

Helen Baggaley (BA Psychology & Communication Studies)
Certified "Sign With Your Baby" Presenter
Early Word Communications

"This signing software is great. I really loved doing them with Julie. It really captured Julie's attention. It was fun to do. The sound effects were fabulous."

Maria, Mother to Julie, 6 months old, Montreal

Helen Baggaley of Early Word Communications

Send us feedback for a free link!

Want to send us feedback about our software? Contact us at and if we display your comments on our website, we'll send you a free link to our software, so that you can enjoy it for yet another week.

Please send any questions or technical concerns that you have about this software to This software uses Flash Player in your browser, so it will run on almost every home computer in the world - Windows, Mac and Linux. You don't need to save a file to disk or run any executable files.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

QIs this software oriented towards hearing kids or can anybody use it?
AThis software is designed for young hearing kids.

However, there are features built into it so that deaf, hard-of-hearing and older kids can enjoy it too.

The quizzes have visual cues. All story animations and songs are signed. Everything has text at the bottom (which can be turned off). The cartoon lip-synching follows the spoken English word but can be turned off, because this lip-synching is not part of ASL. The background park noises can be turned off so that the spoken word has no interference. Seeing as this software teaches vocabulary of a true language - ASL - older kids and even adults who are beginning to learn ASL find it interesting to play - especially the visual quizzes. In the interactive games, directed mouse clicks respond correctly for older kids, but random keyboard banging also makes things happen for babies.
QCan you pause a scene, so that if the little babies or kids want a break, you can go back to the scene from where you left it previously?
AYes, you can go back to a scene by going to the menu (the button at the bottom near the left) and choose the scene. It will just continue from there.
QHow many words will my child learn?
AYou'll learn 98 words of ASL - American Sign Language. The software has 6 scenes. Each scene has a story, a song, music, a vocabulary section and games, to demonstrate and practise the words learnt in that scene. Here are the words learnt in each scene.

Scene 1: yaayy, now, we, park, I, happy, baby, jump, yes, cat, clever, dog, dog ("lexicalized" version that's like fingerspelling), OK, you, my, come, love, hear, listen, music.

Scene 2: what, you, want, play, slide, sit, sand, baby, good, please, I, have to, go, this, now, fun, can, climb, high, finish, low, time, music.

Scene 3: where, baby, I, look for, I see you, now, scared, lost, there, find, will, hide, Mommy, fun, game, Daddy, why, because, want, all, they see me, you, you see me, music.

Scene 4: I, like, swing, no, don't like, love it, yes, Mommy, hello, Daddy, can, myself, not, help, if, need, yell, will, until, feel, sick, well, music.

Scene 5: we (us two), have, balloon, beautiful, this, this one there, red, yellow, blue, now, I, angry, all gone, balloon flying, bird flying, airplane flying, say, good-bye, music.

Scene 6: baby, tired, I, not, when, we, home, play, a lot, finish, eat, more, quiet, sleep, no, sound, everywhere, today, all day long, now, find, music.
QSometimes when I click on the link to play, the browser window is just white. At the bottom of the browser window frame, it says "Downloading from site", and then it changes to "Done", but the screen is still white.
AWait a bit longer and the software will soon play. Sometimes the Internet Explorer browser (IE) will say "Done" when it is still downloading. So just wait a bit longer and soon it really will be finished downloading and will start playing.
QCan I buy a CDROM of this software?
ANo. Due to security reasons, this software is available only as a 1 week download for US$3.

This software is created using the Flash technology (formerly of Macromedia, now of Adobe), which has been carefully designed to be impossible to create viruses and spyware. It also makes it impossible to create the copyright protection mechanisms that other software creators use to protect their copyrighted works when you buy rather than rent software, such as marking your computer with hidden files and registry entries during installation or activation that are not deleted when you uninstall. Our software contains none of these hidden mechanisms, and thus is available as a rental software.
QIs this software for parents and toddlers but not really for babies?
AThank you for your question as to who this software is appropriate for. The software is specifically designed for babies, toddlers and small children. It uses the same design philosophies as for the software which is for that age group, and is a very popular choice in the classrooms of teachers of small children. These design features include :
  • Bright, happy, faces and voices of babies and children - because our children are attracted to and copy other children.
  • Lots of color and fun things that are part of babies worlds and that they find interesting - animals, toys, cars, etc.
  • Banging on the keyboard and clicking randomly on the mouse causes the software/story/game to advance. This is part of the open-ended exploration and discovery that is the appropriate approach for babies and toddlers.
  • Feedback is always positive. If someone gets the wrong answer (perhaps because they are a baby who is gleefully just banging on the keyboard, or perhaps because they are a small child who tried to get the right answer but actually got the wrong answer), the software never says "No, that's wrong". More information about this philosophy of always being encouraging and never uttering anything negative in response to a small child's efforts, and a reference to research on this subject, can be found at Game Information page, in the section on Early Childhood Development Benefits.
Although designed specifically for hearing infants, the software is interesting for older children and even adults, as an additional resource in acquiring ASL sign language vocabulary, in a fun, easy way that doesn't feel like study at all. In fact, encourages the parents, grandparents and caregivers of infants and small children to watch and play the sign language with their child, so that you both pick up the vocabulary at the same time, and can continue using it with each other for communication. Another benefit we'd like to point out in regards to playing the software with your child on your lap, is the fact that cuddling and physical contact is gold for a young child's emotional, physical and intellectual development. We'd like to propose our sign language software as a fun activity that adults can share with little ones, that is actually interesting for the adult, because it involves learning the vocabulary of a true and beautiful language.
QDoes this software contain true ASL?
A This software contains true ASL - American Sign Language vocabulary. It has been verified by the ASL expert and instructor Dr Bill Vicars of ASL University. The sentences are in English grammar word order. This is because the signed and verbal words are presented at the same time, so that your child will have a clear, easy connection between the two. ASL grammar word order is often the opposite of English grammar word order, and it is the English grammar word order that is used in this software.

Where possible, ASL grammarisms have been slipped in to the software. There are some ASL grammar facial expression - mainly the eyebrows. For the words such as WHERE and WHAT, the eyebrows go down. When the English lips are turned off, the mouth stops its smile for those words. At the end of other questions, the eyebrows go up. For ALL DAY LONG, the head follows the arc. Other grammar examples in the software are: DO YOU WANT TO SLIDE? has the ASL for YOU at the end of the question; I SEE YOU and THEY SEE ME are one sign each that are inflected verbs. There is also an "ASL Notes" section in the software, containing some grammar points.

Want to know more about the research that shows the great benefits of sign language for hearing children? Read about the research in:

Videos and DVDs that have been specially produced to teach sign language to hearing children in a fun, entertaining way can be found here.

Where is my download link?

Have you made a payment for a download and haven't received an email containing your download link yet? Enter your PayPal email here and press SUBMIT and your download link will be displayed.

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